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Basilisk Flare

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Basilisk Flare RGB periphery
Basilisk Flare Interactive Gaming

Interactive Gaming

The Basilisk Flare can display lighting effects based on in-game data and events. For example it can display a bar that changes color and shape according to the players health, ammo or mana. Or it can display an animated patterns when triggered by casting a spell or using a certain skill or both blended on top of each other.

All of this is fully customizable, it has much more than the "breathing" and "color cycle" effects of ordinary RGB devices. You can make your own patterns and animations work the way you want it.

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Baslilisk Flare Ambient Backlight

Ambient Backlight

Interactive ambient lighting enables you to see more picture detail, contrast and color while eliminating on-screen reflections. It works by projecting light from the rear of the device in a wide range of colors, shades and intensities.

You can choose to have the Flare follow the color and brightness of the content, automatically changing with the colors on the screen, or alternatively the light levels and color can be set to match the interior decor or mood in the room.

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Physical Appearance

Thanks to its unique design, The Flare has multiple mounting options. You can fasten it to the back side of your monitor, place it vertically on its stand nearby, or place it horizontally on your desk. The unique twin LED design with the attachable deflector allows for different orientations of its two channels. If the deflector is mounted, one of the zones is visible directly from the front. When you detach the deflector you can enjoy the unique dual channel ambient backlight experience which projects movements outside your display.

The active, light emitting area of the device is 281mm or 11 inches long, which makes direct mounting optimal for screen sizes between 22" and 26" for 16:9 aspect ratio, 20" to 24" for 16:10 and 28" to 32" for 21:9 ultrawide. And you can also use it on the stand with virtually any monitor.

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Key Features

The Flare is packed with killer features, such as:

• 96 individually controllable LEDs illuminating in four directions.
• Twinbilight, the dual channel ambient backlight technology, that projects motion unlike any other device before.
• Unlimited data source compatibility via Basilisk Studio, the single most advanced RGB control software.
• Versatile mounting options, works in every setup.
• Discreet design, completely hidden if you wish.
• 16.7 million distinct colors to choose from on each individual LED.
• Single port USB connection, with optional external power supply for added brightness.
• Compatible with PC and Mac (Windows 7 or newer, any Linux distro and macOS/OS X).

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Mounting options

Baslilisk Flare Mounting Options

Basilisk Studio

  • Basilisk Flare for Assetto Corsa
  • Basilisk Flare for  Counter Strike CS GO
  • Basilisk Flare for Fortnite
  • Basilisk Flare for League of Legends LOL
  • Basilisk Flare for PUBG

Basilisk Studio

Basilisk Studio RGB Technology Software

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